I have made some of the deepest friendships ever here and I will never forget them. 

- Jake

At Seven Hills School, Every Boy is Known. 

Learning Happens in Relationship.

From River Days and class trips to Team Teaching and House competitions, everything we do builds relationships. Every boy is known. Not only by the teachers who instruct him directly, but also by the same teachers who play basketball with him at morning break. He is known by the students in his grade and also by the older and younger boys who cheer his name as he competes in a House competition.

Building Community

Middle school can be a challenging time of change. So each fall, rather than starting the school year with classes, we start with Camp Week. A week of activities, ice breakers, and free time that allow the boys build relationships with each other and their teachers. This helps them to feel much more confident and comfortable when they step foot in the classroom! To strengthen our community, we like to start every day as a community and end every day the same way. 


Middle School boys learn in relationships.
Middle school boys need to be challenged and motivated.

The Houses Of Seven Hills School

Our long-standing tradition of Houses promotes teamwork and ensures each boy has a sense of belonging.

The Houses of Seven Hills School