Seven Hills School celebrates and cultivates the energy young adolescent boys bring to a learning environment.Our Mission

Seven Hills School cultivates a keen intellect and emotional strength in middle-school boys. We emphasize hands-on learning, critical thinking, and guided exploration. By design, we are different.

Our Approach

Researchers have consistently and conclusively demonstrated that boys develop critical thinking and collaborative learning skills most effectively in learning environments that include opportunities for movement and full sensory instruction. Boys also need a safe, supportive environment in which to explore their emerging identities.

Seven Hills is a model school on the leading edge of a national movement to change the conventional approach to teaching boys. The traditional approach often legislates against the very aspects of a boy’s development that Seven Hills embraces as pivotal to successful instruction. The Seven Hills faculty teaches with the boy in mind and actively explores enhanced learning for boys in these middle school years.

Our Name

"There’s an old saying that Richmond, like Rome, is a city built on seven hills."

In 1937, a city councilman proposed an ordinance that would designate those seven hills as Church Hill, Union Hill, City Council Hill, Navy Hill, French Garden Hill, Shockoe Hill, and Gambles Hill. But other council members had other hills they wanted to be on the list, like Libby Hill, Fulton Hill, Oregon Hill, Forest Hill, Hollywood Hill, and Chimborazo Hill. A consensus was never reached, but the idea of the seven hills stuck.

Learn more about the seven hills of Richmond.

The Seven Hills Difference

School News

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