Extracurriculars are vital to a well-rounded middle school experience. These activities allow boys to develop social skills like teamwork, cooperation, and leadership, as well as academic skills like creative problem solving. Participation in after-school clubs and sports can foster life-long passions by allowing students to discover new interests and hone old ones.


In recent years we have offered a wide variety of after-school clubs and activities, including:

  • Climbing Club
  • E-Sports Club
  • Game Club - one of our most popular activities
  • Mountain Biking Club
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Running Club - trains for the Monument Avenue 10k!
  • Publications Club
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Club

This list changes year to year as our students are regularly imagining and creating new clubs around their interests and the interests (and abilities) of our faculty.


Seven Hills competes interscholastically in the following sports:

  • Soccer - Fall and Spring
  • Basketball - Winter

We have a no-cut policy and encourage all boys to participate, no matter how much experience they have.