River Days

Once a month, our Experiential Fridays move off campus to the James River. Students undertake labs, engage in activities related to specific academic subjects, and work under the supervision of employees of James River Park on service projects that benefit the river and its environs.

We want students to learn to evaluate circumstances and take calculated risks. They will work on interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, and communication styles, along with learning to overcome emotional challenges that can sometimes accompany physical tasks like rafting and zip-lining.

A student who attends Seven Hills for four years spends a total of 36 full days at the river learning lessons that only the river can teach. Since our founding in 2001, that translates into thousands of hours of learning along the James, many of which take the form of direct volunteer service to the James River Park System.

Seven Hills School’s experience with and commitment to the James River and its conservation, which was acknowledged by the Friends of James River Park in naming Seven Hills among its first “River Heroes”, represent an important opportunity to deliver on our mission to engage and educate the entire boy.

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