Why 7HS?

At Seven Hills School, Your Son will Be...

 Challenged & Motivated.  

Seven Hills School was intentionally designed with bright boys in grades five through eight in mind. Using the most respected academic research in the field, along with our own expertise, we have created a dynamic educational model that keeps students engaged by providing an active classroom where each student is seen, heard, and challenged to do their best.

 Active & Focused.  

We take advantage of what makes middle school boys unique and find meaningful ways to channel their energy. We provide plenty of outdoor time each day, creating opportunities for experiential learning, field trips, and specifically-designed classroom furniture that allow students to move as needed to remain on task, and more.

 Celebrated & Encouraged. 

Our students are supported and encouraged to be themselves, discover and follow their interests and talents, and support their peers on their journeys. We create a safe environment for boys to express the full range of human emotions, and guide them in developing an emotional vocabulary to communicate their feelings and to understand themselves and others.



Our Approach

A New Way to Teach Boys

At Seven Hills we celebrate what makes middle school boys different, and we find meaningful ways to channel their energy and social needs. More independent activity, more say in what happens in the classroom, more responsibility for their learning, more peer instruction, and more hands-on experiences that help them organize concepts and reality.

Designed for Boys

Simply put, Seven Hills is a school that boys love. We keep the boys at the center of every choice in designing both our instruction and campus spaces. That effort pays dividends in making this a place where boys are comfortable to work, play, learn, and grow in amazing ways.

The Teacher as a Model

Learning is fun at Seven Hills because the joy of it is modeled throughout our community. Each Seven Hills teacher is challenged to model curiosity based on her or his own spirit of inquiry. Teachers embrace each boy’s achievement, from his slightest observations to his most stunning accomplishments.

Focused Learning

Teachers at Seven Hills are encouraged to reduce teaching time at the front of the classroom and instead to work side-by-side with students during class periods. We employ a variety assessment tools to measure student learning and progress. Tests function as learning exercises that deepen the learning experience rather than generate performance-based comparisons.