In 1999, a group of Richmond parents commiserated over their sons’ less-than-stellar classroom experiences. Their bright boys felt frustrated and were disengaging from school. Together, they imagined a school that harnessed the potential of their sons and fully engaged them in their learning. With that idea in mind, Seven Hills was born.

They kept the conversation going and as word of a new kind of middle school spread, more parents joined the cause. In 2000, the now organized group of parents tapped David Dorsey, a long-time educator, as their Head of School. In September of 2001, Seven Hills School opened its doors to its first students with a clear mission: to cultivate a keen intellect and emotional intelligence in middle school boys through hands-on learning, critical thinking, and guided exploration.

Seven Hills quickly outgrew its original campus space at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Ginter Park and moved to its current location on Overbrook Road in 2008. Four years later, Dagan Rowe stepped in as the new Head of School. His vision for the school was to fully realize its mission and continue to provide an unparalleled education to middle school boys. 

After two decades, Seven Hills has graduated 338 alumni and has established itself as a national leader in the education of middle school boys. We are thankful for those parents who led the charge, and for every other parent, teacher, student, trustee, and community partner who has made our 20 years of history possible.