2022-2023 Honor Code


Honor Code Signing
Communication Director

At the start of the school year, during Camp Week, the boys create the Honor Code. In their own words, they write down how they want to live in community with each other for that year. This tradition give they boys’ a sense of ownership of the code and serves as a reminder that this is THEIR SCHOOL.

We, the united students and faculty of Seven Hills, under the Phoenix, agree to these rules:

  • We will include others. We will not accept racism, homophobia, or transphobia.
  • We will be respectful of students, faculty, staff, and the campus.
  • We will uplift, support, and welcome others.
  • We will use respectful language.
  • We will be honest.
  • We will stand up for others.
  • We will listen to others.

We will not just agree to these rules, we will live by them.


- 2022 - 2023 Seven Hill School Students