Friday, Sept. 18 marked the inauguration of Team Teaching Fridays at Seven Hills School.  Team Teaching classes focus on four disparate themes and are taught jointly by faculty from different academic areas.  According to our Head of School, Dagan Rowe, “Often in a student’s education, core content knowledge and concepts appear distinctly separate from that of other classes.  In launching Team Teaching Fridays, our faculty has created innovative, interdisciplinary lessons which engage the senses and illuminate the connections across multiple disciplines within our curriculum.”   With content from language arts, math, history, science, world cultures, Future Problem Solving, engineering & technology, art, music, and more, these classes will immerse Seven Hills students in tangible, real-life subjects that get them to expand their thinking and better understand the world around them, as well as their place and responsibilities as citizens within it.  Each grade level will focus on one of four team-teaching classes each quarter and then rotate.  This year’s courses are:

King Corn – What does it mean if an animal is “corn fed”?  This course studies corn’s historical significance; its impact on agricultural practices and on the environment; and its impact on our health.

Surviving Natural Disasters – Are we prepared to survive a zombie apocalypse? Or more realistically, an earthquake, tornado, or tsunami? This class explores the phenomena of natural disasters from the science and engineering to the social, emotional, and psychological impacts in the aftermath.  Note: this is the topic for this year’s Future Problem Solving State Bowl Qualifying Packet.

Post-War Art, Literature, and Music – After each major world war in the 20th Century, what impact did being a “winner” or “loser” have on the arts produced in the countries involved?  Starting with World War I, this class will study the historical significance of the wars on the major countries involved while focusing on the visual arts, literature, and music.

Music & Lyrics – What was the genesis of jazz?  How many beats is a whole or half note?  Students in this class will enjoy listening to and learning about some of the more popular and influential genres in the music culture.  Studying four different genres: jazz, folk, electronic, and hip-hop, students will better understand the formation, history, and culture surrounding these different forms of music as well as differences in their music composition.

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