Tuition and fees cover only a percentage of a Seven Hills education – which is over-and-above the cost of operating and maintaining the school, developing new programs, and staying current with new equipment and technology.

Like most private schools, Seven Hills relies on donations to bridge the gap between revenue and expenses. The administration and Board of Trustees are committed to keeping a Seven Hills School education affordable to as many families as possible while maintaining the small, diverse community that makes our school such a special place.

Charitable Gifts are Tax-Deductible

Your general donation or financial gift to the Annual Fund is also tax deductible, whereas tuition is not.

Matching-Gift Programs Through Your Employer

Your gift may also qualify for a matching gift from your employer, which could enable you to double or even triple your support.  Tuition is not eligible for such matching gifts.

Your Investment in Education

Many people consider an education at Seven Hills as a share of stock from the school – a share with value that grows over the years, and which pays dividends.  One way to influence the value of that stock is to give back to the school, protecting your family’s investment.  Your gifts helps the school remain healthy and grow, which only increases the value of a Seven Hills education in the future.

Donating to Seven Hills also helps provide for the next generation of students, many of whom may need your help.  The money you give supports scholarships, school improvements, new programs and professional development for the faculty and staff.  Your charitable gift has a lasting impact on future students who will thrive at Seven Hills.

Ask any Seven Hills student and they’ll share great memories of their time here.  Learning, making friends, gaining experience and life lessons.  They’ll also tell you that the school gave them more than they can ever repay.  That’s why so many of our alumni and their families give generously in support of Seven Hills.  In many respects, they believe the school helped them be in a position to give back.

The Seven Hills Annual Fund

The money raised through our Annual Fund helps defray current-year operating expenses and supports the people and programs that make Seven Hills School unique and important to the boys who go to school here.  The school’s approach to learning has unique costs as well, so each year we turn to parents, grandparents, past parents, alumni, staff, Board members and friends for financial support.  And every year these groups and others support Seven Hills out of gratitude for the opportunities the school has provided, and as an investment in the school’s future.