Your support makes Seven Hills School possible.

When you give to Seven Hills, you are investing in the innovative people, programs, and places that make Seven Hills THE middle school for boys in Richmond. Your contribution makes it possible for our students to ask questions, tell stories, solve problems, make art, conduct experiments, build connections, test limits, try new things, have fun, grow, mature. When you give to Seven Hills, you are investing in the success and achievement of our students and teachers, today, and for the rest of their lives.



Everything we do at Seven Hills is intentional. We keep our community and classes small to allow for individual attention and close connections. But being a small school yields a limited amount of tuition income, which covers only a portion of the cost of a 7HS education. To keep tuition affordable, to hire and retain great teachers, maintain our historic campus, and recruit a talented and diverse student body, we rely on the contributions of generous donors like you. You make Seven Hills possible.

All contributions are tax deductible and the IRS recognizes Seven Hills School as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contact the Director of Development, Emmy Woody, at or 804-328-6300 x233.


The Annual Fund

Money raised through our Annual Fund helps defray operating expenses and supports the people and programs that make Seven Hills School unique and important to the boys who come here.

The school’s approach to learning has unique costs as well, so each year we turn to parents, grandparents, past parents, alumni, staff, Board members and friends for financial support. And every year these groups and others support Seven Hills out of gratitude for the opportunities the school has provided, and as an investment in the school’s future.

Annual Fund gifts are used to meet the school’s most pressing needs, such as:

  • covering the difference between tuition income and the cost of educating our students
  • providing tuition assistance and scholarship aid to students
  • supporting our faculty development and other growth programs
  • providing much-needed funding for our expanding operating budget


How far does my Annual Fund gift go?

$25-$50 textbook

$200 student Chromebook

$250 teacher’s professional development course

$400 monthly River Day activity

$400 computer lab computer

$500 installed projector

$1,000 payment toward a student scholarship

$3,500 Promethean Board for the school

Ways to Give

When you give via cash or check we can put that money to use immediately, and we do not incur any processing fees. To make a cash or check donation, please fill out the Commitment Form and mail payment (checks made payable to Seven Hills School):  

Seven Hills School

Attn: Emmy Woody, Development Office

1311 Overbrook Road

Richmond, VA 23220

You can donate now using a credit card or bank account via PayPal. You can either use an existing account or checkout as a guest. Please consider contributing a little extra, if you can, to cover our 2.3% fee.

Many corporations offer matching gift programs for employees. These programs can greatly increase the impact of your gift. Please contact your HR department to see if your employer matches!

Please consider a tax-wise gift of appreciated stock to Seven Hills School; we will gladly accept a gift of stock. Your charitable deduction will be based on 100 percent of the stock’s value on the date of the gift. Giving gifts of stock is quick and easy. Please contact Emmy Woody in the Development Office at 804-329-6300 x233 or to arrange making this tax-advantageous gift. 

A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament. Seven Hills School would be honored to be considered in your estate planning. We would be pleased to discuss a bequest with you, and strongly recommend that you consult a professionally- trained finan in handling any trust and estate issue.

In-kind donations are non-monetary gifts given by companies and individuals to nonprofit organizations like Seven Hills School. If you have an idea for a non-monetary gift to the school including goods or services, we’d be pleased to discuss it with you. Please contact the Director of Development, Emmy Woody at

Pledges for gifts may be paid over a period of time. If you’d like to set up a pledge gift to be paid over time, please contact the Director of Development, Emmy Woody at Please download and complete the Commitment Form and email it or drop it in the mail. We’ll help you keep track of your donation schedule if you’d like us to.