The bridge class had a blast camping at Pocahontas State Park on our annual father/son camping trip. The boys got back to nature, and bonded with each other in new ways while running through the woods, making a rope swing at the lake, roasting hot dogs and apples, and telling stories around the campfire. Each boy stretched his comfort level in some way, whether it be swinging on a rope swing, placing a log on the fire in just the right place without getting burned, sleeping in a tent during a thunderstorm or simply getting more comfortable with himself as he interacted with his peers and the surroundings. Likewise, the dads in attendance got a chance to get to know each other a bit better, while watching their boys in their “natural” habitat- playing with the other boys. There was much good discussion around the fire among the dads about what this experience would mean for their boys as well as for themselves. In the end, it is the individual experience that creates the individual meaning. In the morning, every boy made his own pancake, and like the experiences, each was different, yet all were delicious!