Camp Seven Hills has gone digital!

We are thrilled to offer a wide variety of exciting online summer classes for middle school boys in rising grades 4-9. Spend your summer learning a new language, designing your own comic book, or going on a virtual adventure!

All virtual camps run for one hour a day for at least one week. Some camps have the option of adding on one or two additional weeks to further explore the topic. Each five-hour week-long session costs $35. Enroll in multiple courses to design your own custom summer camp experience!

Tech requirements: All camps are taught live via Google Meet. Campers will need a computer or other compatible device with a webcam to participate.

Please contact Ms. Andres with any questions.



Ancient Warfare taught by Mr. Vinson

Learn about the warriors, weapons, and tactics of some of the peoples of the ancient Mediterranean. Read selections from famous historians and generals like Thucydides, Polybius, and Caesar. See how ancient technologies, social systems, strategems, and luck played out on the battlefields of Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa.


The Arabian Nights taught by Mr. O’Keefe

Students will read and explore five classic tales of Middle Eastern myth and fantasy, talk about the history of the stories, learn about their translation, and even watch movies and animation inspired by the stories within.


Creative Writing with a Focus on Plot Structure taught by Mr. Franzak

We’ll start off by examining plot structure and identifying how writers design stories to be both easy to follow and engaging. After breaking down plot structures, students will start planning and writing their own stories. Being able to identify elements of plot structure could also help students with future assignments!


Exploring the Internet: Fandom, Memes, and Pop Culture taught by Ms. Plank

We all use the internet, but how often do we actually explore it? Each day of camp, we’ll examine a different school-appropriate topic related to internet pop culture, like how memes differ from country to country, how fanfiction and literature interact, what it means to “stan” a musical group, and what kind of social media their teachers and parents might have used at their age. As students are often veteran internet-users themselves, they will also have the opportunity to lead discussions and activities on school-appropriate topics of their choice.


Game Show Time taught by Mr. Ours

Students will look at the progression of game shows from the early years of television to the modern, big-money events of today. We will compare formats across games of chance, trivia, and physical challenges, and look at some examples of games translated between the United States and the UK.


Quiz Bowl Crash Course taught by Mr. Ours

Students interested in playing quiz bowl in either middle or high school can come here for a run-down of some of the most commonly asked answerlines in all of the major categories of a typical topic distribution. Each session, we will read some questions in a category, research things that come up often in that category, and play a quick scrimmage.


Riddles and Puzzles taught by Ms. Plank

Train your brain by exploring the world of riddles and puzzles! From river crossings to the prisoner’s dilemma, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting and tricky brainteasers around. After discussing the strategy behind them, students will finish each class with a “Puzzle Royale” challenge in which they compete against their classmates and the teacher to see who can crack the most puzzles.


A Virtual Odyssey taught by Mr. Vinson

Follow the journey of Odysseus in an interdisciplinary study of language, literature, mythology, art, archaeology, and geography. Learn variously about the geography of the Mediterranean, the ancient cultures that existed there, the gods and monsters that populated their myths, and the rudiments of Ancient Greek. Encounter some of the ways that this adventure tale has been interpreted in art, literature, and film. Participants will be expected to read some sections of The Odyssey on their own in preparation for each class.



Choose Your Own Adventure taught by Mr. Parker

Have you ever wanted to take an epic road trip? Using a fixed budget amount, We will plan for a trip, including expenses, such as food, lodging and gas. We will find a vehicle for sale nearby to purchase. Using Google maps, we will plot a course, and figure mileage.Then we will find fun and exciting things to see along the way. 


Let’s Go Curling taught by Mr. Ours

Students will be introduced to the rules of that quadrennial Olympic head-scratcher, curling. We will talk over the basics of strategy, watch some clips of important games from the past, and put our strategies into motion with the web game from


Soccer Tactics taught by Mr. Franzak

Bleacher Report has made 25+ classic Champions League matches available in full, so for each class meeting, we’ll discuss the tactical approach from both teams, based on detailed match reports and tactical analyses, and then watch key highlights from games. While watching, students will be invited to make their own observations and match reports. Students can vote on matches to analyze, including the classic Liverpool v Milan 2005 final (“The Miracle of Istanbul”), the Tottenham comeback win against Man City in 2019, Dortmund v Legia Warsaw (the highest scoring CL match ever with 12 goals!) etc.



3D Modeling with TinkerCAD taught by Mr. Franzak

Students can learn to use TinkerCAD, an online 3D modeling resource, to design 3D objects for eventual 3D printing. We’ve offered an exploratory course before, but the limited number of hours make it difficult to go into particular depth with the program. There are a lot of things that can be done with TinkerCAD that we don’t necessarily always get to in the exploratory class, but students will be able to move at their own pace – this will be good for students with a wide range of experience with TinkerCAD and 3D modeling programs in general.


Animation taught by Mr. O’Keefe

This class will take students on a tour of world animation styles and techniques and give students an opportunity to create and share their own animation projects (hand drawn and stop motion).


Art History taught by Mr. O’Keefe

Students will explore famous and esteemed artists and artwork in the amazing digital resources provided by museums of the world. Our learning will follow student interest, hinging upon the pieces, artists, and movements that resonate with them.


Comics Workshop taught by Mr. Franzak

Students will examine and learn from sample work from all sorts of comics creators working in multiple genres. Each class meeting, we’ll focus on a particular component of the comics creation process, and then students will use their new skills as they work to create their own comics. The course will take them from idea formation through script writing, layouts and thumbnailing, penciling, inking, and lettering. 


History of Anime and Manga taught by Mr. O’Keefe

In the class we will learn about Japanese comics and animation from their inception. Starting with Bunraku puppet theater and ancient Japanese scrolls we will learn about the art forms that led to manga, and will keep exploring all the way up to the present day, where digital animation techniques have changed the way we make and watch anime. We’ll learn about important creators like Osamu Tezuka, Riyoko Ikeda, and Hayao Miyazaki, and of course we’ll watch some cartoons and read some comics.


Introduction to Origami taught by Ms. Plank

In this camp, students will learn the basic skills used in origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. We will start with simple models using one sheet of paper, then move on to more advanced projects like modular origami constructed with multiple pieces of paper and origami toys that can move and change shape. If we have time, we may also explore other forms of paper art, like 3D papercraft. (Square origami paper is ideal for this, but almost any type of paper can be used as long as it can be cut into squares)


Photography and Photo Editing taught by Ms. Plank

No fancy photo equipment needed! Using whatever camera is available to them (phone cameras are fine!), students will learn about basic principles of photography as well as free photo editing tools like GIMP (for computers) and PS Express (for phones). Each day after introducing new topics, students will be given a photo challenge to complete by taking pictures in and around their house (or whatever environment they have available). At the end of each class, students will present their favorite pictures for a photo sharing and critique session.



Conlangs and Conscripts taught by Ms. Plank

A camp for lovers of language, fantasy, science fiction, worldbuilding, or all of the above. Students will start by learning about the variety of constructed languages that already exist, from “universal languages” like Esperanto to languages created for books, television, or movies, like Klingon and Dothraki. Then, students will start to create their own constructed language one step at a time, taking control of all the details from the sounds used to the writing system. 


French Is Easy taught by Mr. Ours

Learn some basics of French grammar and vocabulary. Topics will include food, navigating a city via transit, greetings, and sports terms specific to the Tour De France and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


German Is Easy taught by Mr. Vinson

Learn some basic conversational German in a low stress, virtual format. Topics will include meeting & greeting people, soccer, food & drink, soccer, leisure activities, travel, and soccer. Frequent references will be made to the Bundesliga, the top level of German football.


Introduction to Japanese taught by Ms. Plank

This camp will give a low-pressure introduction to the Japanese language and the culture of Japan. Students will learn to read and write in hiragana, as well as learning about the two other writing systems used in Japanese. We will also cover basic greetings, introductions, and other commonly used sentences. Throughout the course, we will also explore aspects of Japanese culture like food, music, pop culture, art, origami, reality tv, and more. At the end of the course students will receive a list of Japanese study resources in case they would like to continue their study of Japanese.


Introduction to Korean taught by Ms. Plank

This camp will give a low-pressure introduction to Korean language and culture. Students will learn to read and write in hangul, the Korean writing system. We will also cover basic greetings, introductions, and other commonly used sentences. Throughout the course, we will also explore aspects of Korean culture like food, music, k-pop, holidays, reality tv, sports, and more. At the end of the course students will receive a list of Korean study resources in case they would like to continue their study of Korean.


Latin Is Easy taught by Mr. Vinson

Learn some basic Latin vocabulary and phrases to spice up your summer. Topics will include food & drink, leisure activities, family & friends, and places. Frequent references will be made to Legonium, that amazing town populated by Latin-speaking Lego figures.