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Choosing the right school for a middle school-age boy is an important decision, one that will have a lasting influence in his life. Meeting the needs of a boy’s development during these significant years is why Seven Hills was founded. At no time in their lives will young men experience more change.

Here at Seven Hills, we believe that middle school boys learn best through relationships in a safe and welcoming environment. Therefore, our class sizes are limited to 16 students with an average class size of 11 boys. We emphasize hands-on and exploratory learning, encouraging our students to understand concepts by experience.

Our student body is diverse, and our curriculum is progressive, challenging, and focused on how boys learn and play. We encourage the boys to be inquisitive, to examine subjects from multiple angles, and to apply what they learn across subject areas. Graduates of Seven Hills are regularly accepted into some of the finest and most rigorous public and private high schools in the region.

The best way to see what life is like here at Seven Hills is to visit our campus. Visit for one of our APPs@7HS or for an individual visit and tour, either way, we look forward to working with you through this process.


Drew Lineberger, Director of Admissions


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Drew Lineberger
Drew LinebergerDirector of Admissions