Team Teaching was born out of the desire of our dedicated faculty to work more closely with each other while better reaching the boys in creative and collaborative ways.  In 2015, our Team Teaching model was created to replace the morning “academic” classes each Friday we are on campus, while still preserving their Exploratory courses in the afternoon.  The addition of the Team Teaching has rounded out our experiential learning curriculum for the middle school boys.  Every Friday, the boys are involved in non-graded experiential learning that helps expand their minds and interests.

Each of the Team Teaching courses is created by the faculty to be taught four times over the course of the school year to each grade level.  Teachers are able to vary exercises, assignments, and discussions depending on the grade level.  Three to four teachers from different disciplines team together in order to create and teach each course.

As one of our veteran teachers new to Seven Hills put it, “This is the most alive and engaged I have felt in the classroom in a long time.  The energy from the boys and other faculty is palpable.”  The ability to academically engage our boys on a day when they can easily be the most distracted is our main goal.


This year’s topics are:

Text as Art

This course looks at the historical and contemporary styles of textual art.  The students will exploring what the cultural and technological pre-considerations were for rendering this art.  Students will get to practice design and execute their own art pieces.  Four textual art forms will be studied in more depth during the course: Celtic illumination, Chinese calligraphy, graphic design, and graffiti.



Students will examine how immigration has affected the United States and other countries around the world from Ellis Island to the current refugees fleeing war-torn countries.  Individual lives and stories will be brought to life in this course as the students learn about the overall cultural impact of immigrants on different societies through history.


RVA History, Maps, & Civil Rights

Did you know that Richmond was the first U.S. city to have electric street cars?  Now you do and so do our students.  In this course, they will be learning more about Richmond’s history as they explore some of the more salient times from the slave trade to the civil rights movement using public transportation and geography as their guide.  Students will explore Richmond starting with a walking tour of our own historically significant neighborhood including stops at Virginia Union University and Maggie Walker Governor’s School.  The class will also study the expansion of Richmond and how it was influenced by the geological attributes in and around our city; Shockoe Creek and the James River to name two.


Science, Fiction, Science Fiction

Science, Fiction, Science Fiction offers students a look at the central themes and crucial works of the science fiction genre. Every week we’ll examine an important idea, the scientific facts behind it, and some of the narratives that explore it. From the origins of science fiction on a dark and stormy night to the bits of information forming today’s vast digital network to the fastest ships streaming through space in the distant future, we’ll look at the universe through the most powerful lens of all: imagination.