The Seven Hills School Board of Trustees is the governing body of our school. Its role is to hold the school, its mission and its future “in trust.” However, the Board does not attempt to direct the day-to-day operation and management of the School, which is handled by the Head of School and the school’s administration and faculty.

The Board of Trustees’ goal is not only governing the School today, but also developing it to serve future generations of students and families. It makes sure that all major decisions are consistent with the School’s mission, philosophy, and strategic plan in order to promote the long-term growth and prosperity of Seven Hills.

Members of the Seven Hills Board of Trustees

George Bishop

Kathy Calhoun, Head Support and Evaluation Committee Chair

Nancy Davies, Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Aliya Farooq

Patrick Getlein, Advancement Committee Chair

Christie Hartwell, Trustees Committee Chair

Vivian Hiedemann

Katja Hill, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Isaac Janak ’04, Secretary

Robert Lancey, MD, Facilities Committee Chair

Hunter Leemon

Kim McKnight

George McVey

Keith Miller, Board Chair

Fred Mitchell

Neva Morrison

Scott Rohr

Dagan Rowe, Head of School, Ex-Officio Member 

Mary Katherine Washo